In this episode of the Diagnosing Health Care Podcast:  When analyzing the life cycle of any health care product, a key component to consider is how much the product will cost and who will pay for it.

What unique challenges do direct access tests (DATs) pose when it comes to reimbursement and related compliance requirements?

On the second episode of our four-part series on direct access laboratory testing, Bob Hearn and Megan Robertson, attorneys at Epstein Becker Green, and Dr. Joel Brill, a strategic consultant at EBG Advisors, Inc., discuss coverage and reimbursement for DATs, as well as the related compliance factors that labs, product developers, and investors in the diagnostic testing industry should be aware of.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes and guests in our special series on direct access laboratory testing.

* * *

The Diagnosing Health Care podcast series examines the business opportunities and solutions that exist despite the high-stakes legal, policy, and regulatory issues that the health care industry faces.

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