In this episode of the Diagnosing Health Care PodcastAlthough the COVID-19 pandemic exposed cybersecurity vulnerabilities across sectors, it has particularly challenged the resilience of information systems for health care and life sciences companies. Because ransomware attacks have the potential to cripple access to important data, expose patient health records, and shut down machinery and life-saving equipment, it’s no surprise that health care executives continue to lose sleep thinking about potential ransomware or other similar malicious attacks.

Epstein Becker Green attorneys Alaap B. Shah and Jessika Tuazon are joined by Andrew Morrison, principal at Deloitte & Touche LLP and Cyber Risk Services Strategy, Defense & Response solution leader for Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory. Together, they discuss the impact of ransomware attacks on the health care and life sciences industries, and considerations for companies to strengthen their cybersecurity posture.

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