As telehealth grows and becomes more mainstream, all kinds of questions often arise.  They range from administrative to operational to legal issues. In conjunction with the American Hospital Association, my colleague Amy Lerman and I have co-written two white papers for the American Hospital Association Trendwatch series focusing on telehealth issues. Among other things, the white papers discuss telehealth, operational, legal, regulatory, and policy issues.  The first white paper entitled “The Promise of Telehealth for Hospitals, Health Systems and Their Communities,” focuses on the following:

  • How the terms “telehealth” and “telemedicine are defined by various stakeholders;
  • Telehealth market trends and drivers of future growth;
  • Various applications of telehealth by hospitals;
  • The benefits of telehealth for hospitals;
  • Payment for telehealth services provided by hospitals; and
  • Various hospital case studies involving telehealth.

The second part of the white paper series focuses on the legal and regulatory issues implicated by telehealth.  You can read the entire first white paper by clicking here.