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Update on Immigration ~ Issues for Health Care

Epstein Becker Green colleagues Robert S. Groban, Jr. and Matthew S. Groban provide an update to the health care industry in the Immigration Alert: September 2014, including an update on the Sixth Circuit Expanding the Liability of Health Care Employers for Sponsorship Costs.

Based on the Kutty decision, health care employers can expect more aggressive enforcement activity in connection with their employment of foreign nationals (“FNs”) generally and foreign medical professionals sponsored for H-1B classification and J-1 waivers of the two-year foreign residence requirement that many J-1 residents face.  For the full client alert, click here.… Continue Reading

Important Developments Have Arisen in Health Care-Related Immigration

By Robert S. Groban, Jr. and Matthew S. Groban

Below are three important developments in health care-related immigration that we need to bring to your attention:

1.     Valid Health Care Certificates Are Required for Immigration Applications: Many health care workers are under the impression that the health care certificates they used to enter in valid nonimmigrant status are valid indefinitely and need not be renewed to support renewal or green card applications. The USCIS, however, requires FNs to submit a valid health care certificate with each application, both nonimmigrant renewals and green card applications, until the FN is admitted to … Continue Reading

USCIS Ombudsman Reports Mistaken Denials of Work Authorization for Conrad 30 Dependents

By Robert S. Groban, Jr. and Matthew S. Groban

On March 24, 2014, the USCIS Ombudsman reported that the agency has been improperly denying employment authorization to the dependents of J-1 doctors who are participating in the Conrad 30 program. Normally, foreign physicians who pursue medical training in the United States in J-1 status must leave the country and return home for at least two years when they finish their residency programs. The Conrad 30 program waives this two-year foreign residence requirement and allows those J-1 physicians selected for the program to change their status to H-1B (exempt from the … Continue Reading